Nar Shaddaa Datacron Locations

Nar Shaddaa was the largest moon of Nal Hutta. More commonly known as the Vertical City, the Smuggler’s Moon and Little Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa was similar to Coruscant in that its surface was entirely overgrown with city sprawl since 24,500 BBY But unlike Coruscant – which was only relatively dangerous on the lower levels of the world city –Nar Shaddaa was filthy, polluted, and infested with crime throughout.

Read more about the planet here, and check out the Datacron guide below:

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33 – [Aim +3]  X:-3361 Y:3313 To obtain this Datacron look for a street lamp with support cables attached to it. Go north and around the corner. Look for some stacked crates with the top even with a brown street canvas. Climb the crates, and get onto the canvas. From there go up the support cables, and cross the pipe. Then jump up the pipes and a sign to get on top of the buildings. Run around the left of the top of the buildings. After that, jump down onto the cables, and run across them to the Datacron. Note the cables are pretty thin so make sure your being as careful as possible.

EMPIRE – Corellian Sector – From the taxi, head east until you’re in the first area with hostile NPCs (slicers, Hutt probe droids, etc.). You should see some benches on the sides of the path with shelters over them. You want to get on top of the third shelter on the right side of the path (there’s some shelves near it you can use to jump up). From there, jump on the floating kiosk and ride it up to the datacron. (currently broken, the shelter you jump on is not a solid object.)

34 – [Cunning +3] X:-1931 Y: 3314 – As you enter High Security Lockdown (Prison Yard) go directly straight and you will see a stack of crates which lead you up to the Catwalks to the right. Follow the Catwalks and make a right at the intersection, instead of going straight and you will see a console. Click the (Incinerator Room) option. Next go through the force field and run to the next console straight ahead. Be careful here as you will take elemental damage from the incinerator. At the Maintenance Override Console, select the THIRD option (326:3839) to open the door. The Datacron is in clear sight after opening the door.

35 – [Presence +3] REPUBLIC – Red Light  X: 3520, Y: -3290 – First enter the Red Light Sector. Go left, then make the first right into the Transit Hub Corridor. Take the elevator to the (Gauntlet Gang Area). Take a right and then a left towards the area with the green street signs. Go right up the double ramps then make a right directly after that. You will then see a pile of garbage and on a small ledge there are pentagon shaped crates wrapped up together. Jump on these crates then onto the higher ledge. Walk all the way up the Canvas and at the top you will see an elevator directly ahead of you. Take the elevator to the (Red Light Sector Catwalks). Follow the walkway and you will see a yellow glowing Datacron.

EMPIRE – Duros Sector – Slums. As you enter from the south end, hang a left and climb the boxes and metal structure to get onto the balcony. Run across the canopy to the other balcony on your right and go through the elevator. Once on the other side, jump on the pipe directly infront of you to the left and follow it. Run down the canopy to the datacron.

36 – [Yellow Matrix Shard] X: 1783, Y: -3091 – Requires Slot Card from Datacron 34 – Network Security Sector (Bonus series area) – Exit High Security through the central-most norther exit to get to Network Security. Once you’re in Network, go forward a bit and look up and left. The datacron is on a platform above you, inside the glowing white machine. You get to it from the area directly West of where you see it. Go there and jump up on some boxes on the east wall of that area.

37 – [Strength +3] X: – 2157, Y: -3103 REPUBLIC – For this Datacron, go to (2301, 3076) next to the entrance to Camp 27 and jump up the crates. Follow it around, then turn right when you are able. Follow the walkway (you should have metal grates on your left and right. Go left after the walkway to find more boxes which you can follow up onto pipes. Follow the yellow pipes to the right. Stop when you see a smaller brown pipe on the wall on your right. Hop on this pipe then onto a small light ahead of you. Then turn around to see a much larger rectangular light and jump onto it. To the right of that light is another layout of pipe walkway. Follow the pipe then drop down to your left. Go straight until you are stopped by a yellow control pad and jump up to the ledge in front of you. Go around the corner to your right and enter the elevator and click the (Access Tunnels) option. Go straight and follow the brown tunnel all the way and the Datacron will be in plain sight.

EMPIRE X: – 1996, Y: -2485 – To get this one, once you get off the taxi head to the balcony just north of the Imperial Data Center. At player coords (1948, -1567) look down and you ‘ll see an outcrop with pipes coming out of it. Drop to the pipes and heal up. Then drop between the pipes and the wall and then heal up. Last, drop down to the balcony and you’ll find an unmaned taxi. Click on it and it will give you a slow but short ride right to the datacron. Once done with it, use the small handheld on the floor near the body and it will transport you back up to the quick travel point above you.

Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic