SWTOR GUIDE – Marauder Annihilation and Sentinel Watchman (Patch 3.2.1)

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Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen

This is the 3rd Guide for Sith Marauder Annihilation and Jedi Sentinel Watchman Disciplines I make in a never-ending struggle to always cover the latest changes with my favourite class. We all know Patch 3.2.1 can easily be called “The Broken Marauder and Sentinel”, but in every evil and sadness, there’s goodness and positivity! In this over 35 minutes long video I have shared everything I could think of. This doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be added or maybe even corrected in the future if test results show better approach.

I have structured it in 3 major parts: 
– Overview of the Changes to the Advanced Class in Game Update 3.2.1
Gearing and Stat Priority, Skill Priorities (rotation is a bad word :P)
– Personal Opinion, Analysis, Suggestions, Tips and Tricks

It is the longest video guide I have ever produced. Even though some of the basics are still the same and were covered in my previous Guides for 3.0 and the first one for 2.7, I don’t want to force new viewers to browse and watch 4-5 videos to get the full picture. The video linked in the title contains what I consider to be everything needed for brand new or not very experienced Sentinel and Marauder players.

Thank you for reading and watching! Please, Leave a comment with your opinion and feedback.
I know, the accent is hard for some at first… hehe.