Upcoming PvP Changes comming to SWTOR

Upcoming PvP Changes comming to SWTOR

The bad feeling podcast had the chance to sit down with Alex Modny and discuss PCP changes comming with game update 3.3

I encourage you to listen to the podcast, as it includes more stuff then in the notes below.  There are some discussions on how new warzone maps get designed from start to finish for example.

Podcast link to listen (1hr long)



PvP Gearing

  • Reduction in PVP set gear costs:
    • Exhumed reduced by 33%.
    • Dark Reaver reduced by 81%
  • The prices for enhancements/mods are staying the same amount but will cost Warzone Comms instead of Ranked Comms.
    • Currently the Item Rating 168 Mods cost 400 Warzone Comms and the Item Rating 174 Mods cost 800 Ranked and 400 Warzone. In 3.3 the 168 Mods will cost 150 Warzone Comms each. 174 Mods will cost 400 Warzone Comms each.
  • Only 2% of the games population has a full set of Dark Reaver
  • Ranked Warzones comms removed from daily/weekly (and permanently from the game)
  • Ranked Comms will be converted automatically at a 1:1 ratio when 3.3 goes Live. In addition, the Warzone Comm limit is being raised to 200,000. And if some player has more than that then there will be a soft cap where the comms will be added but more can’t be gained until under the cap. For players in this extreme situation they can purchase the new Warzone Comm Legacy Lockboxes detailed below to get under the cap on a certain character if they have no gear, medpacs or vanity items they wish to purchase.
  • XP and Credit rewards have been increased (doubled but not 100% certain, Valor not affected)
  • Adding an official way to transfer comms between characters. You buy a box of 99 comms for 99 comms and send to whatever alt you want

Ranked PvP

  • For solo ranked you now need 2018 expertise (before bolster) to join queue (group ranked have no restrictions). This was done to reduce trolling.
  • There will now be season specific tokens (big amount) at the end of the season based on the tier you get. You will no longer gain ranked comms, you will get season specific tokens throughout the season. At the end of the season, you can buy rewards from all tiers based on your performance
    • The tokens are bound to character.
    • The more matches you play, the more tokens you get. You’ll be able to buy Tier 1 rewards even if you only ever get to Bronze!
    • Mounts might be purchaseable even if you only ever get Bronze, but you’ll have to play A LOT
  • A new ratio/system rewards you with tokens / medals. Winning gives more tokens obviously.
  • Tokens you get in for example season 6 will be usable during season 7, then removed forever by being converted into warzone commendations. You’ll have an entire season to spend LAST SEASONS tokens on the rewards
  • There’s going to be one exclusive reward per tier that you need to get x rating to get. Not the Top 96 rewards, but something new.
  • Top 96 will get everything + exlusive top 96 as usual.They have looked into adding top 96 per server, but will not happen now.