Datamining Yavin PvP Map

Datamining Yavin PvP Map

Are you curious to know what Yavin is going to be like? It’s a work-in-progress map but thanks to some datamining, we can get some info on what it’s going to be like. As always, keep in mind that datamined info is not necessarily what you will see as a finished product and it’s also the miner’s interpretation of the data.

You can head over to TOR Community to see the data in its entirety but here are some things you will find in the summary:

  • Is most likely 8v8.
  • Probably won’t be released in 4.0, but a lot of work has been done on it so possibly 4.1 but don’t hold your breath.
  • Has a VIP, the VIP gets special abilities on a temporary quickbar.
  • Has a game mode chooser that allows someone to choose Bounty or VIP mode. Possibly a CTF mode to but this might just be VIP mode.
  • Has 5 objectives to capture
  • Capturing control points is a six second cast.
  • Picking up Artifacts is a six second channel. Makes you the VIP?
  • Both teams have their own artifact pick up points.
  • Capture point ownership is lost when the VIP uses the extraction point.
  • Capture points can be unlocked, but unsure as to how.
  • Not much on Bounty mode. 1 point for accomplishing the bounty.

They go on to tell us more about the VIP and VIP abilities such as Barrier and Heat Laser. You can see a full list of abilities and a description of what they do at the link above.

So if you love SWTOR PvP, we’re curious to your thoughts on this. From the looks of it now, and based on this datamined info, will Yavin be something you get excited about? Is it bringing new and worthy PvP content to the game?

Lisa Clark

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