Population Estimates for the Top 20 US Servers

Just how many people are playing SWTOR in the US right now? We keep hearing the term “ghost town” being tossed around but is it really that bad?

Here are the top 20 US servers:

Top 20 US

  • The Fatman (PvP US East) Population ≈ 2005.625
  • Jedi Covenant (PvE US East) Population ≈ 1140
  • Drooga’s Pleasure Barge (PvE US West) Population ≈ 860
  • The Harbinger (PvE US West) Population ≈ 840
  • Canderous Ordo (PvE US East) Population ≈ 690
  • The Swiftsure (PvP US West) Population ≈ 670
  • Lord Adraas (RP PvE US East) Population ≈ 620
  • The Ebon Hawk (RP PvE US East) Population ≈ 610
  • Ajunta Pall (RP PvP US West) Population ≈ 580
  • Jung Ma (RP PvP US East) Population ≈ 580
  • Mind Trick (PvE US East) Population ≈ 470
  • The Shadowlands (PvE US East) Population ≈ 440
  • Shadow Hand (PvE US East) Population ≈ 420
  • Zakkeg Beast (PvE US West) Population ≈ 420
  • Begeren Colony (RP PvE US West) Population ≈ 420
  • Krayt Dragon (PvE US East) Population ≈ 410
  • Sanctum of the Exalted (RP PvE US East) Population ≈ 410
  • Kaas City (PvE US East) Population ≈ 400
  • Lord Ieldis (RP PvE US West) Population ≈ 400
  • Vrook Lamar (RP PvE US West) Population ≈ 390

To see more, visit this thread in the SWTOR forums.

To see how they came to these calculations, go here.

So what does all of this mean? When we begin to talk about server transfers (which BioWare has promised are upcoming), it brings up many questions about the servers and their populations. Who will move where? Will you have to worry about your server being too full? Should you move servers instead? Will you move as a guild? What if your guild stays but you don’t want to? Will some servers be forced down (current low pop severs)?
As you may already know, www.torstatus.net codes server status as

1 = Light
2 = Standard
3 = Heavy
4 = Very Heavy
5 = Full

This guy’s data tells us that:

  • Light is up to about 500
  • Standard is up to about 1,500
  • Heavy is up to about 2,250-2,500(?) (Let’s call this 2375 for now…)
  • Very Heavy is up to about 3,000
  • Full is greater than about 3,000

Doing all the math, this means:

Total Estimated Worldwide Population of all servers (24 hr average over the last 2 weeks as of 5/25/2012).

You can see more stats on this Google doc spreadsheet (or search for your server if it was not in the top 20).

That’s really not a lot of players at all. And definitely not very many per sever. It’s no wonder players are complaining of dead servers and lack of people to group with.

My server has an average population of less than 400… eek!

When are those server transfers coming again BioWare?

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