SWTOR Rewards for Buying Battlefront

Here we have an overview of Hoth-Inspired Rewards from the SWTOR and Battlefront Teams!

If you purchase Battlefront, you can gain access to some neat rewards for SWTOR. In fact, you may have noticed these items already on the Cartel Market. Here’s an overview.

“Thank you for purchasing Star Wars™: Battlefront and for being part of the Star Wars™: The Old Republic community!

To celebrate the launch of Star Wars™: Battlefront, you have received the

Ashfall Tauntaun

and Thermal Retention Suit, available for use at Level 10. From the icy planet of Hoth to the sands of Tatooine, battle your way through the galaxy in style with this Hoth-inspired mount and suit! You can claim your in-game rewards by right clicking on the items below to accept it into your inventory.”

Have you seen them yet? Gotten them for yourself? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Lisa Clark

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