1.7.1 Patch Notes 2/27/2013

1.7.1 Patch Notes 2/27/2013

Servers are not up yet as downtime has been extended until 10am CST. Below are the patch notes – without the Cartel market changes. We covered that in another post earlier today, so if you want to read up on that, check out this post.  Check out the patch notes below:


Group Finder

  • Group Finder role selections will no longer work incorrectly if a player in your vicinity gains their Advanced Class.

Items and Economy

Missions and NPCs


World Missions

Section X
          • March of the Dread Guard: Trandoshan Prisoners and Gamorrean Leaders will now respawn as intended.

Class Missions

Bounty Hunter



Ancient Hypergate
        • Players will now be able to interact with pylons a few seconds after an explosion rather than directly after.
      • Players will no longer be able to pass the Huttball into the side shelf area of the arena.

Space Combat

  • Regnant Station Assault: This mission will now grant the proper amount of credits upon completion.



Galactic Trade Network (GTN)

      • Numeric search terms are now allowed with no length restrictions. Non-numeric terms still must be at least 3 characters long, and each search must contain at least one non-numeric term.
      • Added a “Companion Customization” Subcategory to the Cartel Market Category.
      • Players can now list Cartel Market Companion Customizations on the GTN.


    • Using the inventory sort feature while any items are currently being used in another window (such as mail, GTN, or trade) will no longer cause items to be destroyed from the inventory.
    • The “Compact” sort option will no longer compacting items from multiple Cargo Hold tabs instead of the selected Cargo Hold tab.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes