1.7.1 Patch Notes

1.7.1 Patch Notes 2/27/2013

Servers are not up yet as downtime has been extended until 10am CST. Below are the patch notes – without the Cartel market changes. We covered that in another post earlier today, so if you want to read up on that, check out this post.  Check out the patch notes below: General Players will no longer be prevented from logging into the game if they had a large number of “Classic” version items refunded with Game Update 1.7. Players will now correctly be taken to the character selection or server selection screen upon disconnect rather than becoming stuck at the loading screen. Group Finder Group Finder role selections will no longer work incorrectly if a player in your vicinity gains their Advanced Class. Items and Economy Repair costs for modifiable gear will now calculate based only on the equipped mods. All repair costs have been reduced by 50% until Game…

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