Stephen Reid Clarifies Details on Operations

Stehen Reid posted in the official forums to clarify some issues and details about Operations.

“To clear some of this up…

First of all, loot containers. After every boss is defeated during a normal difficulty Operation, every player will receive a loot container. Inside that container each player gets a chance for loot specific to them, or commendations that can be exchanged for other loot. So to be specific (because this seems to be confused by PC Gamer) that happens after each boss is defeated in a normal difficulty Operation, and not just once at the end of the Op. (There are multiple bosses in Operation: Eternity Vault for example.)

Second, Gabe was misquoted a bit on the lockout thing (it’s a bit loud here on the show floor!). There are lockouts, but they are designed to be ‘flexible’. This means, for example, if I have killed Boss 1 in an Op group and Gabe has killed Boss 2 with another Op group, then I can join Gabe’s Op group and together we can defeat Boss 3 – but Gabe can’t go back to Boss 1, until the lockout expires.

As Gabe has said there are going to be difficulty modes. We’ve spoken about ‘normal’ and ‘hard’ modes so far, which will be available for both 8 and 16 player Op groups.

We’ll talk more about difficulty modes and how they work later, but suffice to say, Gabe and his team are focused on making sure endgame content is both accessible and challenging.”

This was posted to clear up confusions about raid bosses, lockouts and even looting. Some players are worried about the content being “too easy”, leading to a need for new content to be developed quickly as more hardcore players will blow right through it all. Whereas others, are happy that it seems to be taking a more casual approach to group play and Operations.

After reading this new news, what do you think?