Giant Official Gamescom Coverage Links on the SWTOR Forums

If you want to keep up with anything and everything from Gamescom, then this official list on the forums will help you do just that. All you have to do is visit the link and then scroll down to the relevant day to find the links to information and coverage fresh from Gamescom so you can stay fully updated on everything. 

It even features old info from Gamescom 2009 and 2010. For 2011 you will find dates, schedules, timelines and of course, links to coverage of the events each day. Some Friday highlights include:

Huttball Preview: Here
SWTOR Preview: Here
Interview with Emmanuel Lusinchi (Written in German, Video in English): Here
In Depth look at Huttball: Here

The Doctors Interview: (Starts around 4:20) Here

Cliff Notes from it:

  • – Not shipping with a built in Chat program. 
  • – Beta Weekends in the fall. 
  • – Guild Phase 2 is coming very soon. 
  • – Same server characters with different faction toons. 
  • – Just focused on TOR at the moment. 
  • – Ultimately they will go with tournaments (arenas?). 
  • – Support this game for years. 
  • – Shipping in French, English and German. 
  • – 16 person will have better gear then 8 person ops. 
  • – What they have for races is what we will get for launch. 
  • – Revan info inside the game. 
  • – Can’t say how many Operations will be. Post launch will be adding in Flashpoints, Operations, Heroics, Arenas based on feedback. 
  • – At launch you only get one starship, but they will review that post launch. 
  • – Dr. Ray – Inquisitor if he had to pick one, Dr Greg – Trooper. 
  • – Committed to having a strong, strong launch. 
  • Handycam Shooting TOR area: Here
  • Interview with Emmanuel Lusinchi: Here
  • Preview (Provided by giga): Here
  • Interview with Cory Butler: Here
  • Alderaan PVP Demo (10 mins long): Here
  • Public Q&A (Part 1): Here
  • Public Q&A (Part 2): Here
  • Producer Presentation #2: 
  • Here

But that’s not all so check out the link for the full list of related Gamescom 2011 news!