Star Wars: Dark Forces — A 90s Classic Revived by Nightdive Studios

In an age of remakes and remasters, some titles stand out due to their legacy and fan following. “Star Wars: Dark Forces” is one such gem from the 90s that is set to receive a modern-day makeover. A recent revelation from PC Gamer brings delightful news for Star Wars fans and retro gamers alike: the iconic shooter game is getting a remaster, courtesy of Nightdive Studios.

Dark Forces: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Released in the mid-90s, “Star Wars: Dark Forces” was a groundbreaking title for its time. The game offered players a chance to step into the shoes of Kyle Katarn, a mercenary turned Jedi, tasked with stopping the Empire’s sinister “Dark Trooper” project. Beyond its engaging storyline, the game was lauded for its advanced gameplay mechanics and level designs that set it apart from other first-person shooters of the era.

Nightdive Studios: The Masters of Remaster

If there’s a studio that’s gained significant acclaim for breathing life into classic titles, it’s Nightdive Studios. Known for their meticulous work on games like “System Shock” and “Turok: Dinosaur Hunter”, the studio specializes in updating retro games for modern hardware while preserving their original charm. The announcement that they are at the helm of the “Dark Forces” remaster promises not just improved graphics, but a refined gaming experience that respects the original’s legacy.

What to Expect from the Remaster?

While the full details from the PC Gamer article would offer a more exhaustive list, here’s what fans might anticipate:

  1. Enhanced Graphics: Given the advancements in game graphics over the past three decades, players can expect a significant visual upgrade, with detailed environments, revamped character models, and modern lighting effects.
  2. Optimized Gameplay: Nightdive Studios is known for fine-tuning gameplay mechanics to suit contemporary gaming standards. While the core gameplay will likely remain true to the original, players can anticipate smoother controls and potentially some quality-of-life updates.
  3. Expanded Content: While this is speculative, there’s always a possibility of additional content — be it in the form of new levels, extended story sequences, or Easter eggs that pay homage to the broader Star Wars universe.

In Conclusion

The revival of “Star Wars: Dark Forces” by Nightdive Studios is a testament to the lasting impact of classic games. As the gaming community eagerly awaits the release, one thing is certain: an iconic piece of Star Wars gaming history is poised to enthrall a new generation of gamers and offer a nostalgic trip to those who experienced it in its prime.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (Steam). A release date will be announced later in 2023.


  1. What is “Star Wars: Dark Forces”?
    • “Star Wars: Dark Forces” is a classic first-person shooter game from the 90s that allows players to assume the role of Kyle Katarn, a mercenary on a mission against the Empire’s “Dark Trooper” project.
  2. Who is responsible for the remastering of the game?
    • Nightdive Studios, known for their expert remastering of retro games, is taking charge of the “Dark Forces” remaster.
  3. Has Nightdive Studios worked on other classic game remasters?
    • Yes, they’ve successfully remastered games like “System Shock” and “Turok: Dinosaur Hunter”, preserving the originals’ charm while updating them for modern gaming platforms.
  4. Will the remaster have better graphics?
    • Absolutely! Players can expect a significant visual upgrade with enhanced environments, modern lighting effects, and revamped character models.
  5. Apart from graphics, will there be any changes to the gameplay?
    • While the core gameplay is expected to remain authentic to the original, Nightdive Studios might introduce smoother controls and potential quality-of-life improvements.
  6. Is there a possibility of additional content in the remastered version?
    • The article speculates the possibility of new levels, extended story sequences, or Easter eggs. However, concrete details will emerge closer to the release.
  7. When is the remastered version expected to release?
    • The exact release date wasn’t specified in the article, but fans are encouraged to keep an eye out for official announcements from Nightdive Studios.
  8. Will the remastered version be available on all modern gaming platforms?
    • The article doesn’t specify platform availability. Typically, remastered games aim for broad platform compatibility, but it’s best to await official word from the developers.
  9. Why is there a demand for the remastering of classic games like “Dark Forces”?