SWTOR Community Cantina Chicago Details Emerge


IIt’s another SWTOR Community Cantina and we are finding details from the new thumb drive and exclusive info being released to those who were present. Lucky for us, the fansites and news sites who are there are releasing some exciting sneak peeks of what we can see to come soon in SWTOR.  I really love that Bioware continues to hold these Community Cantinas and get the community and fans involved.

TORWars has some great details from the Chicago Community Cantina and exclusive thumb drive assets. Their gal at the event, Jean, shared some pics from the thumbnail which you can see over on their site and also some info about a new Operation or Flashpoint with all the palace concepts, bad guys and it appears, a new boss.

And what about a new mount? That’s something that gets players pretty excited. Well, it sounds like we’re getting one of those, too.

They also have a video of the new mount, veractyl:


The Massively update also has great pics and info about Game Update 2.4, new features and rumors of what some of those images on the thumb drive mean.

Massively also has an update and some details that RPers might enjoy:

“And one more rumor coming directly from our tipster in the field: Jesse Sky said that although we will never see actual sitting in chairs due to coding issues, we will see an emote that will make our characters look as if they are sitting very soon.”

Sometimes it’s the little details like this that make all the difference because they show us that they care about the community. What do you think of these sneak peeks so far?

Lisa Clark

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