Star Wars Dark Forces Review

Forging a Galactic Legacy: Respawn’s Star Wars FPS Revives the Spirit of Dark Forces

Respawn Entertainment, the acclaimed developer behind Titanfall and Apex Legends, has officially announced their next big project: a new Star Wars first-person shooter (FPS) inspired by the classic Dark Forces series. This revelation, which comes from an exclusive interview by GameSpot, has fans of the storied Star Wars franchise eagerly anticipating the game’s release. In this article, we’ll explore the inspirations behind the upcoming title and what players can expect from this exciting new entry in the Star Wars universe.

Classic Dark Forces Series: The Inspiration

The Dark Forces series, which began in 1995, consists of four titles: Star Wars: Dark Forces, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, and Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. The series has been praised for its immersive storylines, tight gameplay mechanics, and excellent use of the Star Wars license.

In the GameSpot interview, Respawn Entertainment’s lead designer revealed that their upcoming Star Wars FPS draws substantial inspiration from the Dark Forces series. The goal is to combine elements of those games with Respawn’s expertise in creating compelling first-person shooters.

Gameplay Elements and Innovations

While specific details about the game are still under wraps, it’s clear that Respawn aims to create an experience that feels fresh yet familiar. Players can expect to see classic gameplay mechanics from the Dark Forces series, such as exploring detailed environments, solving puzzles, and engaging in intense blaster combat.

As for innovations, Respawn is known for pushing boundaries in the FPS genre. As seen in their previous titles, the developer has a knack for creating fluid movement systems and unique gameplay mechanics. The upcoming Star Wars FPS is expected to include new gameplay elements that build upon the foundations of the Dark Forces series while incorporating Respawn’s signature style.

Storyline and Setting

While the storyline is still a well-guarded secret, the game is likely to be set in the rich Star Wars universe, featuring iconic locations, characters, and factions. This opens up numerous possibilities for both original and familiar narratives, allowing Respawn to potentially craft a story that resonates with fans of the franchise.

Collaboration with Lucasfilm

Respawn Entertainment has a history of collaborating with Lucasfilm, as seen in their previous work on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This partnership has allowed the developer to access the wealth of lore and resources available within the Star Wars universe. The upcoming FPS will likely continue this collaboration, ensuring that the game adheres to the franchise’s canon and delivers an authentic Star Wars experience.


Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming Star Wars FPS, inspired by the classic Dark Forces series, has fans eager for its release. With the developer’s track record for creating successful first-person shooters and their proven ability to collaborate effectively with Lucasfilm, this new title has the potential to be a massive hit. As more information about the game is revealed, fans can look forward to a fresh yet familiar experience that pays homage to the beloved Dark Forces series while pushing the boundaries of the FPS genre in the Star Wars universe.