First Look: Star Wars: Force Arena 2.0

Today we are bringing you some information about our next big update, Star Wars: Force Arena 2.0! This update will open up a new era for the game, the Clone Wars era!
Version 2.0 will be bringing the Clone Wars era to Star Wars Force Arena. This update will include characters such as Yoda, Darth Maul, Anakin Skywalker, General Grievous and more!

As the Clone Wars era is steeped in Star Wars history, there are many posibilities for cards. Here are a few of the cards that will form the backbone to both the Light and Dark Sides of the Arena!

Mission and Play Pack Changes

2.0 will see an overhaul to the Mission and Play Pack systems. We are going to introduce the new system as it currently stands. As the systems will be overhauled, we want to inform you that when the update is released, all previous missions and mission rewards will disappear. Please make sure to collect them before the update.

▶Mission System Changes

We are making changes to the mission system to allow more variety and better rewards for our Squad Leaders. There will also be an overhaul to the mission UI so that it is easier to check and follow your progress through the missions.

▶Play Pack System 

The play pack system will also be seeing changes. Now you will receive crystals as you progress through your games. Like the mission reset, due to the changes you will need to collect your final Play pack before the update, otherwise it will disappear.

We are currently expecting the update to be released sometime in mid August, so stay tuned for more updates!