The 10 Best Star Wars Games Of All Time

We were asked which Star Wars games were the best ones?

There were options for new games, PC games, vintage games, mobile games, console games, remakes, and more. 

This list might include anything that is deemed a video game that contains the Star Wars logo on the box. 

Before we get to the main entries, let us tell you that you can download all of these games from RarBG, and start playing them.

So, if you want to know what these games are, find them out here: 

1: Star Wars Battlefront 2

There are no better places to be than Star Wars Battlefront 2 when you are fighting your enemies in the faraway galaxy. 

While the single campaign is short and uninteresting and dev support has ended, you’re truly here for the Starfighter Assault mode.

Hurtling through space above Endor, evading the wreckage of the wrecked Death Star, is a thrilling experience that provides continual visual, albeit chaotic, entertainment.

2: Lego Star Wars 2 

This Star Wars edition is targeted at the younger audience mainly, but the concept of this game will appeal to adults similarly.

It will take you 31 hours to complete this game, and by the end, you’ll be drunk-in-power.

The epic stories and iconic characters can help you explore different aspects of this game, and you can team up with your buddies to explore the multiplayer option as well.  

3: Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2

The finest Gamecube launch title was Rogue Squadron. 

It’s as thorough an air battle experience as you could imagine having in a Star Wars game, putting players in the cockpits of a variety of different ships amidst some of the most iconic sequences of the movie. 

  • Trench run for the Death Star? 
  • Above Endor, a battle? 
  • Hoth

It’s not only in the game but it’s done better than any other game in history.

4: Star Wars: Dark Forces

Star Wars has never shied away from a good concept. This game is another example of that trend, and its fully interactive environment has appealed to users since 1995.

This first-person shooting game has 21 levels, and players must complete one level’s objective before reaching the next.

A Star Wars shooter featuring new characters, fast-paced action, and a bold new vision for the franchise? In any period, that’s about as winning a combo as you’ll find.

5: Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Old Republic existed for almost a thousand generations before the Emperor and Darth Vader governed the galaxy with an iron grasp. 

That rich, little-known past is the ideal backdrop for an ever-expanding MMO. 

With Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare dived right into this fascinating timeframe, giving players a large, ancient galaxy to explore that was free of Star Wars movie canon. 

You get to select whether you want to be a hero or a villain. 

6: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

When you first find you can force drag adversaries onto the hot end of Cal’s lightsaber, it sums up the basic attraction of this superb Star Wars adventure. 

Few Star Wars games have captured the sheer power of being a Jedi as well as Fallen Order. 

This is EA’s greatest Star Wars game since they started developing them, with a rich-level design that makes exploring the game’s selection of worlds a thrill. 

7: Star Wars Rogue Squadron

EA’s Star Wars: Squadrons is a fantastic space combat game, and it’s much better in VR. 

You’ll be able to get into the cockpit of a complicated starfighter and take part in space conflicts around the galaxy, manipulating knobs and pressing buttons like a professional pilot. 

Multiplayer matches are a blast, and a compelling tale allows you to pick sides in the battle for the galaxy’s soul.

8: Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

You may travel around the galaxy when the Jedi Knights were in the millions, learn about the ancient Sith, and even learn why Sand People despise outsiders. 

You’ll encounter some interesting and unforgettable individuals as you go through the tale, and you’ll learn about their unique backstories in a true BioWare manner. 

The story’s adaptability makes replaying the game multiple times necessary for the full experience, and you’ll always be happy to oblige.

9: Star Wars: Republic Commando

One of the treasures in the Star Wars game catalog is this Xbox exclusive. 

It’s a fantastic shooter with a strong base, but LucasArts adds some much-needed diversity to the action by giving each of the squad’s four members their own distinct voices and characters. 

With a lot of creative design decisions and high-quality graphic embellishments, this is one of the few Star Wars games that can genuinely stand alone.

10: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast

This is the ultimate Star Wars game that can fulfill your Jedi fantasies.

The game in which you can battle the Empire, chop off stormtrooper limbs with a Dark Mando, and use all of the Force powers depicted in the movies while running about the galaxy. 

Jedi Outcast lets you feel like a strong Jedi Knight, which is attempted by many game developers but has never been accomplished

The Bottom Line

Star Wars has been a fan-favorite movie, series, and game. This is why so many people want to be those characters in virtual worlds.

We have elaborated the best Star Wars games of all time right here. You can get more information on them from us in the comment section below.