Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 1&2 Review

The two episodes were amazing….this show definitely has potential. Ewan definitely still has it. I didn’t truly understand his struggle on Tatooine until I saw it… Resisting the better part of his nature to help people because it would bring too much attention upon him and his personal mission. That they showed just how much of a broken man he is was unnerving. For 10 years this man didn’t Force and it clearly weakend him to the point that he was visibly struggling try to save Little Leia when she fell. That was a nice touch to support the idea that using the Force after not using it or after cutting yourself off from can take a major toll on you body.

Viven Lyra Blair was a good choice to play Little Leia…she definitely has the sass and stubbornness down. I love that they paired Obi-Wan and her together to give more context to the “You’re my only hope” line and why Leia would name her son Ben in the Sequels. Jimmy Smitts is always a welcomed surprise and I give him a lot of respect because he clearly loves playing Bail Organa. When he told her that one day Alderaan would look to her . 

Seeing that Clone Veteran begging for money broke my heart. No to mention he was 501st so if Vader’s own troops were tossed to the side…makes you wonder the fate of other Clone Legions. Slight issue on this because the Tarkin Novel states that Vader actually kept a lot of them because it appeared he trusted them more than the Stormtroopers…no big issue though.

Now that brings us to the Inquisitiors…..despite a lot of talk about Rupert Freind who plays The Grand Inquisitior…I thought he did a pretty good job…he’s not dead obviously. I thought all the Inquisitiors did a good job for the most part. Reva was a little over the top in the first episode but once she toned it down a bit in the second episode I liked her character better. Which brings us to the big reveal...

I’m calling it now…Anakin was the one who spared Reva at the Jedi Temple. That’s why the other Inquisitiors hate her….because she didn’t earn her place like them. Her and Vader will probably have a master and apprentice type relationship until she inevitably fails….this relationship is probably where her hatred of Obi-Wan comes from.