6 Upcoming Online Casino Trends In 2022

Because the online casino market is growing and changing by the day, it’s vital for Australian casino brands to follow cutting-edge trends in the industry to meet the needs and expectations of the modern player. Every decent online casino for real money carefully studies new technologies and actively implements them. If you are interested in innovations in the realm of online gambling, this article has all the answers.

1. Increased use of cryptocurrencies as a payment method

There are markets where online casinos are still in a grey area, which is the case with the iGaming market in Australia. That said,  more and more Aussie players start using the option of legit offshore crypto casinos, where they can play their favourite games in a highly secure casino environment.

Cryptocurrencies are also an excellent solution for millions of players living in countries where gambling is a banned activity. 

The trend has been gaining momentum over the past couple of years. Today, many Australian casinos support bitcoin and altcoin payments, and sometimes the selection of virtual currencies includes dozens of options at online crypto casinos like here: https://utansvensklicens.casino/riktiga-pengar/

In addition, some brands process payments using exclusively cryptocurrencies, which allows them to avoid the standard, tedious verification process. The fact that the technology already provides sufficient protection to users makes additional verifications of identity unnecessary.

Since blockchain technology is quite new, not everyone uses digital coins yet, and not every online casino for real money supports cryptos. But because cryptocurrencies provide players from across the globe with numerous perks (from anonymity to smashing transfer speeds), this trend is expected to accelerate in the coming years.

2. Virtual Reality – play online casino games for real money in style

Gaming software producers continue to push the boundaries of modern technology to improve the visual experience that casino operators are providing players with. Today, your favourite casino online for real money offers cutting-edge 3D games where life-like visuals and cinematic sounds have you immersed deeper into the game.

Thanks to the development of new technologies surrounding Virtual Reality (VR), more software gaming studios are looking at ways that can make their games even more immersive.

Netflix, for instance, is now available on VR devices too, offering a fantastic experience to watch your favourite shows and movies.

With that said, it’s hardly surprising that the industry’s biggest gaming software brands, such as Net Entertainment and Playtech, to name a few, are now starting to develop Virtual Reality-based games. Players can expect that 2022 will lead to more development in this sector.

3. Greater focus on deposit match bonuses

Casino operators have realized the advantages of rewarding players with generous bonuses and this seems to have tremendously influenced the number of online gamblers in recent years. The good news is that players can expect more of those in 2022. 

For instance, deposit match bonus offers have become all the rage across many online casinos recently, with more and more operators offering to match the player’s initial deposit by a whopping 200%. Such a generous bonus can be a fantastic incentive to play at a new casino and boost your bankroll. It’s important to consider the conditions that come with the deposit bonus, though. The fine print will tell you about the rules which come attached to the offer, including what the playthrough requirements are. What is the best online casino for real money Australia, you ask? Well, we suggest opting for a licensed and fully regulated casino with a sound reputation and a wide array of casino games. 

4. Smartwatch-based online casino games for real money

Another trending topic in online gambling, smartwatch-based casinos host popular games and enable you to place bets right on your wrist.

Most people use smartwatches to track their heart rate, sleep, stress levels, and overall well-being. Whereas smartwatches have become massively popular across society in recent years, they have also made their way into the world of online casinos.

The main attraction of smartwatch casinos is the fact that they are ridiculously mobile. This enables gamblers to do pretty much everything and still play their favourite games at the same time. For instance, using smartwatch casinos, the player can make breakfast and play blackjack at the same time. Because the smartwatch is strapped to the player’s wrist, they can’t drop it, which cannot apply to smartphone players who can easily drop their phones while trying to multitask. 

While only a few games are available for smartwatches today, more and more gaming software brands are looking to make compatible casino games. Microgaming is one of those renowned casino providers that is already offering smartwatch gambling apps. The producer’s celebrated Thunderstruck slot, for instance, is available on your smartwatch device and packs in all the same cool features and hot action you’d find on your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Smartwatch casinos make betting activities even more convenient for the player, so it’s no surprise that they are on the rise and expected to develop even more in the coming years.

5. Increased efforts to replicate a land-based casino experience

Top providers are expected to heighten their efforts to replicate a land-based casino experience in 2022.

Although online casinos have done a fantastic job of recreating a brick-and-mortar casino experience, still, they haven’t completely replaced physical casinos.

Players continue to enjoy gambling at brick-and-mortar gaming venues and as a result, demand for land-based casino experience continues to grow as well.

With that said, leading software gaming studios like Evolution Gaming have sped up their efforts to improve the quality of live-streaming games and bring as much of the real casino floor experience to the player as possible. Moreover, the increased use of Virtual Reality devices makes it possible for online casinos to become almost identical to their physical counterparts. If you’re looking to experience an increased level of immersion in online casino games play for real money, this might be a great trend for you to follow.

6. Social gambling

Because players at online casinos like to share betting ideas and discuss their wagers, a union of social media and online gambling is now gaining momentum. 

Today, some social media channels can link to your casino account. You can let your fellow players and friends follow your gambling activities and you can also see what they are gambling on. You can share betting tips with other gamers via social betting platforms and challenge your fellow players and friends.

This trend is expected to be more prevalent in 2022.


New technologies are changing the whole world, including the iGaming industry. Innovations such as blockchain and Virtual Reality can significantly improve the quality of online casino games, making them even more interesting and attractive for customers. You should start getting ready for these new trends and be among the first to make the most of the new opportunities.