Walk Band – A Complete Application for Musicians

Have you been thinking about learning musical instruments? If so, then in this article we will tell you about Walk Band, the perfect musical app for you to learn different musical instruments on your mobile device. Walk Band is a musical instrument app that allows you to play different instruments like drum, piano, guitar etc. virtually. It is quite an impressive app and you get tons of features in it. 

If you like playing various instruments and you don’t have any then Walk Band is the perfect option for you. It provides all the basic tools you need for polishing your musical skills. This music learning app is developed and published by Revontulet Soft Inc. The best thing about Walk Band is that you can play any tune you like on the go. You don’t need any kind of instrument, on your mobile device you can play any instrument you want. 

Walk band Features

Walk Band has all the features for you to learn musical instruments but there are some features that you may not find in any other music learning app and some of them are given below.

External MIDI Keyboard Option

This feature is phenomenal and it is something that you don’t get in any other music learning app. In the Walk band, you can attach an external MIDI keyboard via USB. For instance, you can set up a Yamaha Roland midi keyboard controller with Walk Band which means you can easily play the tunes you like.  

Different Guitar Options

In the app, you get two types of guitar, the normal guitar and the bass guitar. All these guitars provide realistic sounds and you get to make the perfect tune you’re looking for. In most of the apps, you get only one type but here you have two which means you can learn the guitar type you’re looking for. The bass guitar is used only when you want to create a rock tune or a sound with a lot of basses.

Recording Tunes

In Walk Band, you not only learn the musical instruments but also record the tunes you create. You can record any track you want and save it on your mobile device. These recordings can also be turned into ringtones. There are some pre-loaded songs as well which you can use to learn different instruments. There is also a voice recording and editing option in the app. With this option, you can create your own track and export it to your mobile device. So, the Walk Band is quite a good option for anyone who wants to create their own tunes.

Converting MIDI Tunes to MP3

Walk band allows you to record tunes and your voice and lets you save them on your mobile device. You can edit the recordings as well. However, the best thing about this app is the conversion of MIDI tunes to MP3. This is great for anyone who looking to produce tracks of their own. For instance, if you have created a track and you want to upload the track on any streaming platform then you need to convert the track from MIDI format to MP3. For converting the track into mp3, you may need a file converting app. But, thanks to Walk band, you don’t have to use any file converter as you can use the app built-in conversions option. 

By converting it to MP3, you get better sound quality and you can easily upload it on the streaming platforms as MP3 is the most used format for audio songs.

Walk Band is a mobile app that is only available on Android. The app can only be downloaded from Google Play Store. There is no iOS or PC version of the app. However, there is one way to use the app on a PC which is by installing an Android emulator. Here is the download link to use the app on PC.

There you have it! This is all you need to know about Walk Band. If you have any queries related to the app then do let us know.