Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Event Calendar – June 2022

Here is the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes  community calendar for June 2022:

Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for June 2022.


Daily Login Character for June: Baze Malbus

You will probably notice that this month’s schedule has been adjusted to accounted for an upcoming Title Update. We will be changing some event rewards (such as Grand Arena Championships) and running several extra events (Assault Battles, Galactic Challenges and a special login calendar) to account for different schedule.

This is due to an upcoming Title Update that we do not want to launch in the middle of Grand Arena Championships or Territory Wars. We will have more to say on the Title Update in the future but we wanted to share info on what’s actually changing with the schedule and how we are adjusting rewards to match our usual schedule.

Grand Arena Championships will have an extra week between events during this month and there will be a 7 day calendar for the extra week between Grand Arena Championships that will provide Crystals and Championship Tokens.

Login Calendar Day/Reward

  1. Crystals x375
  2. Championship Token x500
  3. Crystals x375
  4. Championship Token x500
  5. Crystals x375
  6. Championship Token x500
  7. Crystals x375

Going forward in June and beyond, Grand Arena Championships will be 3 weeks on, 1 week off instead of 4 weeks on and 1 week off. Grand Arena Championships rewards will also be adjusted to compensate for this different schedule since it will be a 4 week cycle instead of a 5 week cycle. (IE 28 days/4x 7 day cycle vs 35 day/5x 7 day cycle ). To give an example, here are the average Crystals earned per day in Grand Arena Championships for comparison.


There is a very minor increase in the average amount of Crystals earned each day, but most importantly, players will not be earning less Crystals on average. The shorter overall schedule also means the week off will occur more frequently but End of Event rewards will also occur more frequently. To that end, we will be making some changes to balance out the rewards and to make the table above possible.

  • Increased the crystal rewards for a loss in Carbonite/Bronzium/Chromium
  • Increased the crystal rewards for winning in Carbonite
  • Increased the per-Tournament (3-round event) payout of Championship Tokens and Mod slicing materials
  • Decreased Championship Tokens in the end-of-season prizes – This means the impact to Championship Tokens rewards comes out to effectively neutral with the above changes, but with more % paid out throughout the season and less of a 1 big lump sum at the end

Additionally, we have some extra events running during the Grand Arena off week of 06/06 to 06/12. These are a one time thing to cover the additional time gap between Grand Arena Championships for this month. There will be extra Assault Battles and Galactic Challenges during this time and there will be 4 Territory Wars in a row instead of 2.

Last but not least, Conquest will no longer start on the first Monday of every month. Instead, it will be tied into the 28 day/4 week cycle.