The Galaxy of Casino Bonuses: How to Win a War Against Online Casinos

While online casinos always state they try to make their customers win more, we all understand that in reality, online casinos wouldn’t function without people losing their bets, because this is the nature of the beast. So, trying to win from a casino site is basically a war when the player takes efforts to beat the house. 

Only the best web casinos like the Yukon Gold Casino and similar seek ways to offer advantageous conditions for the players, but even under advantageous conditions, one has to assess the site’s offers and evaluate their chances of winning. Since bonuses are among the most attractive things an online casino can provide, assessing them is a separate skill. 

The Concept Behind Casino Bonuses 

An online bonus at a betting site is usually a sum of virtual money, or a portion of free spins/chips that is granted to the customer in response to their deposit, or as a reward for making a particular action, for example, registering an account. Most bonuses have wagering requirements attached and these must be met in full before any winnings from wagering the bonus can be claimed. Most bonuses can only be wagered in particular games, and with a certain maximum limit of a bet. Most bonuses have a maximum winning limit which can be withdrawn. As it becomes clear, bonuses are tricky. 

The True Jedi Gambling Skills 

The true Jedi gambling skill is not in the experience of gambling, mostly, because the majority of casino games do not require much experience (except certain card games), but in the ability to choose the right offers and conditions from the abundance available online. Speaking particularly about bonuses, choosing the right reward is half the success. 

No Deposit Bonuses 

No dep bonuses are among the most attractive because they do not require immediate investment and therefore seem safer, especially to inexperienced players. But no dep offers often have hidden pitfalls, like very low maximum withdrawal possible, an obligatory deposit necessary for withdrawal, etc. Therefore, no deps must be assessed carefully and avoided if the rules seem unfair, even if the offer itself is promising. 

Wagering Requirements 

Wagering requirements are one of the main tools of any online casino in its efforts to decrease the player’s chances of winning more when wagering the bonus through a game. The higher the requirements the lower the chances, and the other way round. The best option a player can find is no wager bonuses, which are already offered by some of the best sites. 

Limitations Attached 

Three main types of limitations attached to a bonus are: 

  • allowed game 
  • maximum bet allowed 
  • maximum withdrawal possible from the bonus winnings 

The higher the bet and withdrawal limitations, the better. As for the game, the player should check the RTP rate of the game allowed. The higher the RTP rate, the better for the player.