LEGO Fortnite Expands Universe with Exciting Star Wars Rebel Adventure

LEGO Fortnite Expands Universe with Exciting Star Wars Rebel Adventure

LEGO Fortnite is set to take its dynamic gameplay into the stars with a groundbreaking update: a Star Wars-themed world is launching on May 3. This thrilling new mode, dubbed “Rebel Adventure,” invites players to construct and defend a Rebel village, providing an immersive experience that combines the creativity of LEGO with the rich lore of Star Wars.

Building a New World from Scratch

“Rebel Adventure” offers LEGO Fortnite enthusiasts the chance to start fresh in a brand-new world that cannot be integrated into existing ones. This world will be filled with Star Wars-themed LEGO bricks, allowing players to create and customize their surroundings in ways that have been envisioned by fans for years.

Interactive Gameplay and Features

In this new world, players will not only build structures but also engage in battle using iconic Star Wars weaponry. Lightsabers, blasters, and thermal detonators will be available for players to defend their creations and fend off enemies. The integration of these elements promises to deliver a multifaceted gaming experience that is both familiar and fresh.

Cinematic Flair and Humorous Twists

The update was announced with a cinematic trailer that captures the essence of both LEGO and Star Wars universes. It features an Imperial Star Destroyer dramatically crashing into the LEGO Fortnite world. True to LEGO’s signature style, the trailer includes moments of slapstick humor as Stormtroopers scramble to establish a base in the snowy landscape.

Strategic Gameplay and Exploration

Players will be tasked with checking on their Rebel allies and transforming a quaint village into a formidable Rebel headquarters, which can be upgraded up to level ten. Additionally, the new Macrobinoculars tool will allow players to scout for Imperial camps near the crash site, offering strategic decisions about whether to engage with or ignore these threats.

Permanent Additions and Collectible Items

The update is not just a temporary event; this new Star Wars world is here to stay in LEGO Fortnite, at least for the foreseeable future. As players progress, they can collect various items, including the iconic bowcaster weapon and lightsabers. Fans of the franchise will be excited to find that Chewbacca is also entering the fray as a collectible skin within the Battle Royale mode, available through the premium battle pass track.


The “Rebel Adventure” in LEGO Fortnite is set to offer a unique blend of building, strategy, and combat, all wrapped in the engaging thematic tapestry of Star Wars. This update is a bold step into new territory for LEGO Fortnite, promising to enrich the gaming experience with new layers of depth and interactivity. Whether you’re a builder, strategist, or Star Wars aficionado, this new world offers something for everyone, ensuring that the force will be strong with this one.