How To Build a Stylish Vape Kit: A Beginner’s Guide

Vape kits have continued to gain popularity over the past few years, and people have emerged with different ways to make them a fashionable item. That means you can assemble a classy vape kit that makes a fashion statement.

And with the wide availability of vaping accessories, you can buy cheap vape coils online then customize your kits to fit your style and personality. 

If you have been looking for ways to build a stylish vape kit, here are some tips that might help you. 

Buy Personalized Vape Kits

Have you been looking for an already customized vape kit? If yes, consider finding a shop that sells unique gadgets with different styles. There is so much creativity in designing today’s vape kits that you can get one that matches your personality. 

Vape kits come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can always preorder to get an already modified vape kit that suits you. Whether you like vaping kits covered with crystals or glossy paint, it’s just a matter of requesting your chosen shop for the said specifications. 

Finding a shop you can depend on is essential if you are a beginner since they provide you with many modification styles. They will recommend you with the right vape kits designs suitable for your age and personality to avoid having an ugly kit. 

Buy Different Wrapping Designs

When you buy a vape kit, it comes with a specific design that may be popular and boring. You can personalize your kit by wrapping it in a decorative print. The wrap is usually made from vinyl material printed on one side and sticky. 

Since the wrap is printed with a digital image, you can choose any design. Most companies have different wrap designs ranging from tie and dye, sports images, celebrities that you can choose from. They also have laser-cut vinyl that enables you to design a perfect fit to suit your gadget. 

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Replace Your Original Tank With A Glass Enclosure Type

Although you will get a vape tank when you buy a kit, you can purchase another tank that suits your sense of style. Glass tanks have colorful styles and can be customized to have a glossy look with different stickers. The best thing is that it will work with your existing vape hardware and coils. 

Finding a glass-made tank can be time-consuming if you don’t have the time to look for one. You can customize your tank by wrapping silicone around it, also called a vape band. A vape band helps your glass survive longer by protecting it from bumps and scrapes. Thus maintaining your beautiful tank in its original state. 

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Use Different Kinds Of Coil To Create Different Effects.

Cloud chasing has become a trend among vape users. If you want to show off your expertise in cloud chasing, you should consider replacing your coil from single to dual coils. The coil produces twice the heat, providing double the vapor than the usual coil. This results in thicker clouds of smoke than the usual coil ensuring you keep up with the trend. 

Customize The Vape Box Mod To Suit Your Personality

Vape mods come in different luxurious materials and various color combinations. You can purchase a kit made from leather, abalone shells, or crocodile skin. The materials are beautiful and long-lasting and enhance the look of the vape mod.

Some companies are providing flashy resin designs of vape mods. One of the popular materials that make swirl patterns resulting in a unique product with an artistic touch. You can also choose to combine wood and resin, which produce a durable and water vape mod. 

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Have Different Cover Cases For Your Device

A stylish vape kit case should be at the top of your list. The covers are made from different materials and designs. You can purchase silicone cases that have different printed designs of your choice. This will allow you to switch your cases every other day to match your clothes’ color.

In addition, you can choose to add stickers to your case to have a flashy vape kit. Some are flower-patterned, chrome, and marble, and you just pick any design to try it out. However, remember to stick it carefully not to end up with a wonky design that will ruin your vape kit. 


Vape users are looking for various ways to make their kits fashionable. You can invent new ways to change your vape to match your current style by playing around with colors, materials, and designs until you get a vape kit that define your fashion sense. So, if you love vaping, you can use the above tips to enjoy your vaping journey. The time you take to personalize your gadget has long-lasting effects on your experience.