SWTOR Guilld Leveling and Perks Developer Livestream Notes

SWTOR Guild leveling and guild perks developer livestream notes.



  • New objectives for Chapters, Eternal Championships, Warzones, and kills (literally kill any NPC/mobs)
  • Removed “Defeat Guards” Objectives – Data show very small faction of the people actually do this objective
  • Bonus for committing – deterrence for “planet sniping” – 15% bonus to conquest points earned if you commit.

Guild Management

  • Guild Inspect
  • Guild Logging
  • Guild Mail
  • Guild Ban by Legacy – You cannot circumvent this by changing your legacy name
  • Additional Guild Member Ranks – max rank up to 20
  • PvP Challenge – Guilds/Groups can challenge each other to PvP/GSF matches. Guild groups can track of win/losses if they wish.
  • Heraldry won’t make it to 5.10, will come in later.

Guild Leveling

  • Guild XP earned via Conquest Points. 1 Conquest Point = 2 Guild XP
  • Benefits – perks and new bonuses
    • New bonuses – 15% XP, 15% reputation, 10% CXP
    • Bonuses are no longer tied to guild size but rather by guild levels
  • Weekly XP Cap to allow smaller guilds to keep up – Large guilds and some medium guilds will hit this weekly cap. Small guilds will lag behind a bit but not by much.
  • No limit to guild levels although past a certain level there isn’t any benefits other than Guild Commendations/bragging rights or to show how active your guild is.
  • Guild will roughly gain 3 levels per week

Guild Perks

  • Tied to guild ships, price for guild ships reduced from 50 mil to 8 mil (room unlock cost currently unchanged but might be changed in the future)
  • Guild perks costs a combination of credits, Guild Commendations and Reinforcement Modules
  • Guild Perks are either core – around forever, or rotating (cycle roughly every 2 weeks). Core perks are generally less powerful than Rotating Perks but are generally cheaper to purchase.
  • Example of QoL perk: summoning guild banks out in the world, out of combat group rez, etc
  • Example of stat perks – divided into active/passive perks. Active perks are pretty much identical to class buffs and won’t stack with them. It is only for newer players that don’t have all the class buffs unlocked. Passive stat buffs can be only slotted in one place so you can run only one passive (except for perk set bonuses). The passive stat perks will not impact PvP in anyway and won’t affect Master mode operations.


  • Paxton Rall companion is hinted as being coming in 5.10
  • 5.10 is coming in early December
  • Clickable links in guild description – might be something to look in the future
  • Guild Calendars – something we can look into
  • They are not balancing contents around guild perks so you are not left out and underpowered if you not in a guild with good perks.
  • System is designed so that if you are a small guild hitting small invasion objectives every week, you will be able to slot a perk in every slot.
  • Banning large guilds from doing small yield planets – guild size is measured by number of characters and not active players so you could have a 500 player guild with only 20 active players that is being punished.
  • They are not doing refunds for people who purchased guild ships for 50 mil already but if you just bought it recently, contact customer support.
  • No plans to increase guild cap beyond 1000 members