AC Comparisons to WoW Classes for the Current/ex WoW Player

A Reddit user named ThomJonson posted a very helpful class comparison about the correlation between Advanced SWTOR Classes and World of Warcraft classes. It might also serve as a good guide to any WoWheads you are trying to turn on to SWTOR.

He says:

“I did this as a response to someone asking for WoW comparisons in a prior thread located here. It appears a lot of people appreciated this so I figured I might as well show this to more people in the hopes of it proving useful to them or for their fellow gaming acquaintances.”

He goes on to explain how he compared the classes to WoW because it’s the MMO he has the most experience with and also that he thinks will best help players understand what the SWTOR classes will be like. He invites anyone more familiar with another MMO who wants to copy/paste the style and layout of his but fill it in with class comparisons of the other game to do so (project, anyone?).

So anyway… he goes to list each class, describe them a bit and then compare them to classes in WoW.

Some examples:
Jedi Sage / Sith Sorcerer – caster
  • Seer/Corruption (Healer) – Disc Priest + Riptide/Tidal Waves + emergency Lifetap. Uses “mana” (thanks boredlol)
  • Telekinetics/Lightning (dps) – Fire mage rotation /w slower cast times + Ele shaman (thanks boredlol)
  • Balance/Madness (dps) – Shadow Priest/Lock (thanks Boredlol)
Scoundrel / Operative – stealth class
  • Sawbones / Medicine (healer) – Resto druid but using energy instead of mana
  • Scrapper / Concealment (dps) – Feral druid – Hard hitting + bleed effects + heavy resource management
  • Dirty Fighting / Lethality – Feral druid with more utility + better bleeds + heavy resource management
Read his full post for more. Let us know what you think. Did he get it right?

Lisa Clark

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