Travel Through Time and Space With These SciFi-Themed Online Pokies Games

The SciFi genre has been with us for aeons with many books, films and games themed about the weird, wonderful, and not easily explained. 

Our fascination with outer space, the possibility of life on other planets, time travel, other dimensions and alien life is as popular today as ever. Offering fuel to the creators whose job is to create online pokies games that will stand the test of time, games like Stargate Megaways, Terminator 2 and Space Invaders, amongst others, can be found at as the site has over 850 quality online pokies games to choose from. 

The SciFi style has developed and endured through the years, so it is no surprise that it is such a popular genre in games of all kinds. Themed pokies like Starburst add mystery and excitement as our imaginations are set alight when the storylines take off, landing us who knows where, especially if Lady Luck happens to be onboard. 

Today, we will look at some of the most-played online pokies that offer unique yet different SciFi experiences. Let’s not delay and open the doors into a completely different world

Terminator 2 Pokies

If you loved Terminator 2 (Judgement Day), you will enjoy Microgaming’s online pokies. Anyone who loves non-stop action and robots with amazing skills all wrapped up in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most iconic role of his acting career will not be disappointed. 

Terminator 2 (an online pokies game) incorporates the movie’s main characters, taking you right back into the movie. Even if you have not seen the movie, the online pokies provide a fully immersive experience that will entertain anyone who plays it. 

Stargate Megaways Pokies

Stargate Megaways is based on the original movie, which starred Kurt Russel (Colonel Jack O’Neil). Fans of the movie will remember that the Stargate is the portal after entering a combination of symbols. The movie was a huge success, leading to more movies and the popular television series Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. 

Stargate Megaways pokies have the common Megaways cascading feature that progresses the game from its base to the bonus levels. The pokies use a six-reel main grid and a four-position horizontal reel in the middle of the Stargate. As the game incorporates the movie’s wonderful soundtrack, you will enjoy the pokies game too. 

Space Invaders Pokies

Inspired by the popular arcade game in the 1970s, the creation of Space Invaders pokies by Playtech has ensured that the online pokies are as authentic as possible. The whole set-up of Space Invaders pokies has the look and feel of a physical arcade game housing those famous pixelated aliens and featuring planets, space ships and, of course, U.F.Os. 

The Pokies also has a retro soundtrack which adds further authenticity to the game and will please nostalgia fans. Although the pokies might seem a little simple compared to other multi-pay line online pokies, it remains as popular today as the original arcade game of yesteryear, proving to be profitable and enjoyable for many. 

Starburst Pokies 

Visually beautiful Starburst Pokies is set in outer space and boasts a rich soundtrack that adds to the cosmic vibe of the game. Even though the game was released in 2012, the graphics still look as good as some newer released slots, which has stood it in good stead with players worldwide. 

Winning combinations on Starburst Pokies activate light effects rather like those you would see in an arcade game. The light show is accompanied by great sound effects, which build up when you form winning combinations.