7 Mind-Blowing Gaming Wins You Should Know About

Are you a new gambling player? Welcome. Welcome even if you are an experienced player, desiring to find out more about big gambling wins. Knowing your history lesson will help you have realistic expectations on gambling and prizes you might take home. So, let’s take a look at these mind-blowing wins some players took home over the years.

The 7 biggest casino wins were taken home by:

  • Kerry Packer,
  • Archie Karas,
  • Anonymous,
  • Cynthia Jay,
  • Johanna Heundl,
  • Antonio Esfandiari,
  • “Don Johnson”.

Some of them won their prizes in traditional casinos, while others took their chance on online casino games, and that can be seen as a proof of how blind luck can be.

But who can be so lucky to win such a big prize?

The answer is easy, but some of us might find it hard to figure out why: anyone. Luck is luck, it can come, it can go.

When new players start gambling, most of them have great fantasies about taking home a jackpot prize, just by entering a casino and putting on a single bet. It does sound great, but let us be serious, it’s still just a fantasy, because inordinate amounts of money are won only by a few people, so this is not something that you could plan your life around.

So, what to know about our winners here?

Casino games can bring big prizes to the few lucky ones, even if in most cases you can’t bypass the advantage of the house.

Traditional casinos have accompanied us for a long time, but thanks to technological progress and the internet, online casinos seem to be a thriving industry. Wazamba could be a great example of a popular online casino website that promises having great fun while playing for winnings. Let us find out a little bit more about the up-mentioned names and their winnings, shall we?

Kerry Packer

So, this guy won so much that no one truly knows the real amount of money he took home. Only one night played in MGM Grand casino, by wagering over $250.000 he won somewhere around $40 million. Not a bad performance, right?

Archie Karas

He emigrated from Greece, and he was a skilled poker player. This is important in our story, because this is how he won $40 million in 30 months, by winning poker games. So it wasn’t a single big win, but a lot of smaller ones, but in the end, he took the money home, and that’s what counts.


This software engineer walked into a casino having $100 in his hands and walked out with a winning of $40 million. He just wanted to have fun playing on the slot machines, but it seems like this fun will last, taking the biggest known slots win.

Cynthia Jay

This one is a sadly ending story, which started so greatly. Being a waitress in Vegas, she played in her free time slots one day and won $35 million. A dream came true for her as she could fund her wedding a few weeks later from that money, but after a couple of weeks she died in a car accident.

Johanna Heundl

This elderly woman makes proof of real luck, by winning on the first shot on a machine, the amount of $22.6 million.

Antonio Esfandiari and “Don Johnson”

He owns the title of the biggest single poker win, not less than $18.3 million. Don Johnson took home $15.1 million by playing blackjack at three different casinos.