Anthony Daniels, famed for playing C-3PO in Star Wars, auctions his memorabilia, including the iconic gold helmet, scripts, and more, sharing his legacy with fans.

Anthony Daniels’ Star Wars Memorabilia Auction: A Journey from Screen to Sale

Anthony Daniels, renowned for his portrayal of C-3PO in the Star Wars saga, has decided to part ways with a treasure trove of memorabilia from his time in the galaxy far, far away. This move marks a significant moment for both the actor and Star Wars enthusiasts, as items steeped in cinematic history become available for acquisition.

A Golden Helmet with a Million-Pound Tag

Among the prized possessions is the famous gold helmet of C-3PO, worn by Daniels in the 1977 debut film of the series. This piece alone carries an estimated value of up to £1 million, symbolizing not just a character but an era of filmmaking.

Memories Over Material: Daniels’ Perspective

Daniels, at 77, reflects on his decision to auction these items, emphasizing that while they are cherished, they remain largely unseen in his personal collection. His sentiment is not of sadness but of anticipation, as he looks forward to these pieces finding new homes where they will be appreciated and displayed.

A Collection Spanning a Saga

The auction, conducted by Hertfordshire-based Propstore, includes nearly 200 items. These range from parts of the C-3PO costume to scripts used during production, and even fragments of the Millennium Falcon, which Daniels humorously recalls rescuing from a bonfire at Elstree Studios after the filming of “Return of the Jedi.”

The Unsellable Sentiments

Not everything is up for grabs, though. Daniels holds dear a few personal keepsakes, like a small Lego brick statue of C-3PO and a statuette resembling an Oscar, both tokens of his enduring legacy in the Star Wars universe. These, he asserts, are his to keep until the end.

The Final Curtain and a Reluctant Farewell

Daniels’ journey with Star Wars concluded with the 2019 film “The Rise of Skywalker.” He reminisces about being offered to take items off the set but declined, feeling content with the memories and the collection he already possessed.

The Auction: A Celebration of Memories

The auction, hosted at BAFTA’s Piccadilly base in London, is not just a sale but a celebration. Daniels, attending the event, expresses excitement and a sense of closure. The auction, lasting until Sunday, will see most items from Daniels’ collection go under the hammer on Saturday.

A Legacy Beyond Objects

For Daniels, the auction is more than just parting with memorabilia; it’s about sharing a piece of history with those who hold Star Wars close to their hearts. He poignantly notes that while others will own the items, he retains the most precious possession of all – the memories of being a part of something truly magical.