SWTOR Win-traders, Exploits, and Actions Being Taken

Eic Musco updated the SWTOR Community about BioWare taking actions against PVP Win traders in Star Wars: The old Republic

Hey folks,

Now that we are a few weeks into the Season I want to give you an update on actions we are taking to keep the Season as fair as possible. First, we have identified some players who were participating in win-trading. Those players have had appropriate actions taken against their account. We will continue to monitor this throughout the rest of the season. Accounts that partake in win-trading will receive action up to and including suspension time and ratings being reset across their account.

We know that there have been questions this season specifically regarding the use of hacks and exploits. Know that since the start of the season we have been very aggressively seeking out and sanctioning the accounts involved. If you suspect that a player is using some form of hack or game exploit, please let us know through the proper channels. As a reminder do not post this information on the forums. If you suspect someone as cheating please send a PM to myself or Tait and we will forward that information on for investigation.