Relics of the Gree Achievement Guide

swtor return of the gree eventRelics of the Gree event is back and Dulfy, in her typical awesomeness, took some time to put together an achievement guide so rather than write my own, I decided to bring you hers since she beat me to the punch and it’s already thorough. With the return of the event, there are also some newly added achievements.

The event, starting on July 23, 2013, will last for 2 weeks this time so you still have time to get in and get your achievements if you have not already.

This explanation comes from Dulfy:

PvE Achievements

You will get a legacy title called Gray Perpendicular if you do the following

Junior Research Project is probably the least straightforward achievement. You must have Legend Standing with the Gree to be able to purchase the pet to do this achievement. Tatooine and Quesh are fairly easy to complete but Balmorra/Alderaan can be a bit of a pain (nothing you can’t complete in a day though).

  • You can do this achievement even if the Gree event is not active so if the areas get too cramped you can always come back later.
  • I have mapped out spawn locations of these creatures you need to kill. You probably won’t need it for Quesh/Tatooine but it may help for Balmorra/Belsavis/Alderaan

PVP Achievements

You will get a legacy title called either Blue Octagon or Red Octagon (Blue for Republic, Red for Empire) if you do the following

  • Kill 50 players with Gree Energy Orb explosion (orb explodes if you deposit it on the pylon, get killed carrying it or the buff expires). This might be abit tricky to do.
  • Kill 100 players of the opposite faction on Western Ice Shelf while the bolster is active.

Other resources

Have you completed these achievements yourself yet? What do you think of the Relics of the Gree event? Do you have a favorite part of the event?

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