Fan Site Summit 2: Roundup

We know how anxious you are to stop reading about this game and finally get to play. We’re with you on that one and as we grow closer to the SWTOR launch date, we’re trying to keep you occupied with any cool info and tidbits we can find on the game. This means updating you on the fansite summit and other good happenings, even if we’re not able to attend them all ourselves.

Here’s some more great stuff from the Fan Site Summit (part 2).
TORWars is especially chatty about the Fan Site Summit and have a lot to say about their experiences, including some great photos and some audios from the event. It’s their exclusive content so you’ll have to head over there to check it out. Be sure to tell us what you think!
Photo Gallery: Deep Inside BioWare Austin – Part One
Photo Gallery: Deep Inside BioWare Austin – Part Two
Audio: Georg Zoeller Reveals….Well, a Whole Lot About SWTOR

On day two of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Fan Summit 2 Principal Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller gave us an informative presentation on player metrics.

Audio: Gabe Amatangelo Discusses Ilum and Open World PvP

Gabe Amatangelo, Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Lead PvP, Operations and Flashpoints Designer, spoke to the SWTOR fan site teams at Fan Summit 2

Ask a Jedi also has a photo gallery from the summit.
And they have a write-up about PvP:
Fan Site Summit: Ilum Open World PvP Detailed

The Official SWTOR Facebook page also has a few pictures from the Fan Site Summit if you haven’t seen them already.

SWTOR Facebook Fan Site Summit Pics
What is the best info you’ve seen or heard so far from Fan Site Summit 2?

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