Will SW:TOR Release Be Announced at E3?

Stephen Reid, Senior Online Community Manager for SW:TOR answers a forum question regarding more release date debate. GamewizX was trying to locate a quote from Reid regarding the release date announcement and a possibility of a connection to E3.

Who would then pop into the thread to clear up the confusion? Why, none other than Stephen Reid himself:

“Or I could just say it for you right here.

I seem to recall I was trying to address the idea that the ‘only’ time a release date would be announced would be at a major show (this was pre-PAX). I have no idea where this idea started, but it’s not a definitive suggestion. It’s just a possibility.

That said, if we chose to announce a release date at any show, E3 would be a good choice, as it’s probably the most high-profile games industry show on the calendar. (It’s not the biggest; it’s the highest profile. More journalists attend E3 than any other show. More members of the industry itself attend than any other show, etc.)

This is not – in any way – a suggestion, guarantee or intimation that we will announce a release date at E3. Strictly a hypothetical situation.”

There you have it- straight from Reid’s mouth… err… fingers himself. The simple translation is this: they’re not saying they will announce the release of SW:TOR at E3. They are not saying the announcement has to be made at a major show. However, in a “hypothetical” situation, if they were going to announce the release at a major show, it would be at E3.

Because it is the highest profile event with the most journalists present. What happens at E3, definitely doesn’t stay at E3!

So could this mean that the official release date will be announced at E3?

In the words of GodofThisWorld, “Mr. Stephen “Cryptic” Reid has been acting cryptically cryptic as of late. If I might add, positively cryptically so.”