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Cartel Market Update: February 26th, 2013

BioWare posted a new blog post regarding what updates to the cartel market we can expect after today’s maintenance. Looks like they are discounting everything to get people to use their Coins, so that when 2.0 drops with a whole bunch of new stuff they will have to buy more. Check it out on the officiel website, or or check out our copy paste below: New Items Hi everyone! This week, the Cartel Market will be updated to add the new items below. Gold Scalene Armor Set (1,440 Cartel Coins) Built from ancient Gree schematics, the Gold Scalene Armor Set is a collection of adaptive gear with no modifications. This armor set is available to any Class. Hypercrate: Crime Lord’s Cartel Packs (7,344 Cartel Coins, Limited Time 15% Discount!) Players can now purchase a Hypercrate containing 24 Crime Lord’s Cartel Packs. Hypercrate: Blockade Runner’s Cartel Packs (7,344 Cartel Coins, Limited Time 15%…

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