Events and Conquests Schedule for SWTOR

Eric Musco has posted the Conquests and Events schedule for all the weeks from early access to Jan 2016. Event / Conquest Schedule | 10.16.2015, 03:42 PM Hey folks, I wanted to pass on the Event and Conquest schedule as I know from Early Access through January! Each date below marks the start date of the event and they run for one week. Here ya go… Event Oct-20 Bounty Contract Week Nov-10 Rakghoul Nov-24 Bounty Contract Week Dec-8 Gree Dec-15 Rakghoul Dec-22 Bounty Contract Week Jan-12 Rakghoul Jan-26 Bounty Contract Week *Also you can see some of our event rewards, in Archive from our live stream. Conquests Oct-20 Death Mark Oct-27 Flashpoint Havoc Nov-3 Titans of Industry Nov-10 Rakghoul Resurgence Ald Nov-17 Revenge of the Revanites Nov-24 Death Mark Dec-1 The Trade Emporium Dec-8 Relics of the Gree Dec-15 Rakghoul Resurgence Tat Dec-22 Death Mark Dec-29 The Balance of Power…

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