darth hater crowd control

Class Distribution, Ganking, Alignment numbers and more

As part of their new recurring column Crowd Control, Darth Hater brings us some interesting statistics on the game and its players. This week is all about player habits as they relate to “ganking” behavior. This is especially interesting to me because I play on a PvP server, where “ganking” is much more likely and common. We found some other interesting correlations related to ganking as well. City dwellers are 5% more likely to gank than their rural counterparts (36.0% versus 31.1%). Players that choose body type number four — the roly-poly type if you happen to be male — are 6% more likely to gank players that choose the small or medium frames (40.1% versus 34.1%). And finally, players describing themselves as “dog people” are over 10% more likely to gank than others (40.7% versus 30.3%). So, what inferences can we make here? For one thing if you’re walking…

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