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Interview: Gabe Amatangelo on PvP & Operations

Darth Hater interviewed Gabe Amatangelo on PvP & Operations and as usual, he had some interesting things to say. It is well worth the read if you haven’t already. Thanks Darth Hater! Why did you choose a quasi-Domination objective for the new Warzone? Gabe Amatangelo: Huttball comes at a close second, but overall Domination is the most popular one. Obviously we’re really proud and excited about Huttball being a close second because it is a new take on an existing type of mode. How does Novare Coast differ? I mean, how does Domination differ from game to game? Level design has something to do with it. I’m sure people that are on the PTS already know the specifics of mechanics. It is a majority one, so you have to have two out of three to at least start accruing some points or doing some damage to the enemy base. Also,…

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