More Datatmining 2.4PTS – Modeldump

As we await Game Update 2.4, we now have some more datamined updates from swtor_miner to share. Here’s a link to my latest Datamining post on 2.4PTS I’m still working on a method for automatically reconstructing ingame models. It’s going to be a long road for that though. But, this morning I went through the weapon/vehicle models from the last few PTS builds and matched them up with their textures. Now, this is by no means exactly how they will appear ingame. As, most models have a bump/displacement map that adds most of the detail to an item, and I’m not loading that. Then, there’s the scrolling UVs which are present on some of these items, that again I couldn’t load. I’m also ignoring the material (how shiny/matte a texture is). Which led to me turning of shading in some models that were too dark, and led to slightly comical…

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