More Datatmining 2.4PTS – Modeldump

As we await Game Update 2.4, we now have some more datamined updates from swtor_miner to share.

Here’s a link to my latest Datamining post on 2.4PTS

I’m still working on a method for automatically reconstructing ingame models. It’s going to be a long road for that though. But, this morning I went through the weapon/vehicle models from the last few PTS builds and matched them up with their textures.

Now, this is by no means exactly how they will appear ingame. As, most models have a bump/displacement map that adds most of the detail to an item, and I’m not loading that. Then, there’s the scrolling UVs which are present on some of these items, that again I couldn’t load.

I’m also ignoring the material (how shiny/matte a texture is). Which led to me turning of shading in some models that were too dark, and led to slightly comical appearances for some models.

That said, here they are.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. For example, some of the dynamic models (I’m looking at you varactyl) are textured in a different way from weapons/vehicles. And, some of the weapons appeared to have moving parts, but loading animations is not something I can do yet.

That’s all for now!

And then he came back for another update:

So, I responded to this post: Possible models for the new Dread Forged PvE gear

That I would take a look at what the new tier gear vendors on the PTS were wearing.

Well I tumbled down a rabbit hole of information tonight. I not only figured out how to look up what an npc is wearing, but how to determine what a non-weapon piece of gear looks like. Here’s my scratch pad of data. – Analysis below

But, simply booting up the PTS client and looking at the vendors confirmed what my datamining uncovered. The new Dread Forged gear sets aren’t using the vendor models, YET. * Smacks forehead *

Though I’m fairly certain that what they are wearing will be extremely similar to what the final gear will look like. There are a few attachments like hoods and extra pieces on some of the models that could be turned on/off for player gear.

Here’s an album of the individual pieces that make up the chest piece the Smuggler Vendor is wearing on the PTS.

A few notes on the album above: I’ve included the color map texture on the models as well. Red I believe is the primary channel, Green – secondary, Cyan – tertiary, and black is unchanged I think. This varies with some of the color maps I’ve seen. And yes, I know it’s brown. That’s the default coloration, and I haven’t quite figured out how to apply their garment hue transformation. But, it’s on the list!

Side Note: The weapons on new tier gear vendors have the newest models, as they just updated their appearance in the last build. So, they should be near final state considering they fit the design motif of the gear the vendors are wearing.

Now how did I figure that out?

And finally, there was even more follow-up:

Well wanted to get this up awhile, still lots of mining to do. But the biggest thing is the change of the new PvP and Operations gear to ADAPTIVE!

Which means if you don’t like your class’s gear you can wear someone else’s!!

Full item change/addition list – Note I realize now what is tagged as Icon is the Item appearance for gear. Have to fix that.

Raw GOM Additions/Changes/Removals

New Kick the Huttball Toy Collections Image, and a fused image of all the new icons.

The newest speeder model. It’s likely the JA-3 Speeder – Note: it appears to have animated engines and I can’t reassemble properly right now. So, they’re off to the side/bottom.

That’s all for now.

Please take the time to follow through all of his links to see more information, how he got his data and to support him for taking the time to share all of this with us.

What do you think of all this info from the data dump? Some of it sounds pretty exciting to us!


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