Why Do People Talk about SWTOR Like It’s a Failure?

A lot of people keep talking about SWTOR like it’s a failure but that’s really not the truth. So why do so many people seem to have this perception about SWTOR? As I explained in my recent post, SWTOR’s Cartel Market Rakes in $139 Million Dollars in 2013, one reason for this is that many people mistakenly associate a game going from sub to F2P as a sign that it is failing. But that’s not always the case. It really just means that a different pay model was needed and now that they have it, BioWare seems to be doing very well with SWTOR financially. If you spend any time around the gaming communities, you will notice people talking about how SWTOR is a failure or making reference to how some other game is going to be a failure “Just like SWTOR” but no one can give you any real proof of…

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