e3 2012

Star Wars 1313 Featured at this Year’s E3

At the 2012 E3 expo, one of the highlights was Star Wars 1313, reportedly a new and darker Star Wars game put together by many division of the Lucasfilm organization, according to a recent blog on GameNGuide.com by Juan G. Rodriguez. While Industrial Light & Magic’s visual effects supervisor Kim Libreri noted that he believes “in 10 years game graphics will have advanced to the point of being indistinguishable from reality,” adding, “one day it will be impossible to spot the differences between real-time rendering and live action.” The early footage of Star Wars 1313 reportedly showcases fluid animation and cinematic quality visuals but does not approach anything near photorealistic quality. With the leaps and bounds in advancing technology and the difference in what video games looked like just a decade ago compared to today, it is not surprising to hear Libreri’s opinion on where they’ll be another ten years…

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