Episode 7 Rumor Roundup 2

Star Wars Episode 7 Rumor Roundup 2

The Force Net brought us one of the most popular rumors of the week- the news that Carrie Fisher said at a book signing she would be in Episode 7. AS excited as many of us may be to see her in another film, it turns out it was just a joke. One of The Force Net’s readers, Curt, claims Fisher told him at a book signing that she would be in the new movie: I was at Carrie Fishers booksigning in Cherry Hill, NJ on November 15, and the interview she did started with the question ‘Are you really going to be in a new star wars movie?’ and Carrie answered quietly ‘Yes….I thought it was already common knowledge.’ She did not elaborate, as she probably doesn’t want to crow too loudly at this point in the project development. But this is the first confirmation from one of the main OT Cast. LFL…

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