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Star Wars to Eve Online- Sandbox MMORPG Discussion

CaptainShack from TheXPGamers has a video from mid-2016 that you might have missed if you’re not a regular follower. As a forewarning, it does have strong language, like most of his videos, but you might find the topic of discussion interesting. What IS a proper sandbox MMO in the first place? How do you define it? CaptainShack is going to tell us how he defines it and then why he thinks many Star Wars games up to this point are not hitting the mark. So how does Star Wars measure up with Eve Online when it comes to the topic of sandbox MMO play? I have played MMOs since Ultima Online (mentioned in the video) and I played WoW from beta and did enjoy it. I understand the reasoning behind other MMORPGs basing their games on WoW. I mean, why fix what isn’t broken? That said, there has been a great need…

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