Flash mob

SWTOR Takes Top 10 Video Game Marketing Campaigns

Massively noted their top 10 memorable marketing campaigns and no surprise, SWTOR Flash/Freeze mob made the list at #8. Video game makers have to market and advertise just like any other business today. However, they are finding, just like other markets, that they have to get more creative with how they advertise and how they spread the word about their brand. Because of this, some video games have had some pretty interest campaigns to help draw attention to their game. SWTOR was no exception. Here’s what Massively writer Justin Olivetti had to say about it: “Despite your feelings on the game, you have to admit that this flash mob is just a brilliant piece of advertising. I don’t know what I love more: the incredibly detailed costumes, the decision to pose all dramatically instead of staging a hackneyed fight, the fog that comes up, the dad who just yanks his…

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