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Courtney Woods explains (again) that the Class Representative system is just a simple Q&A and nothing more

BioWare said this from the beginning, but some players didn’t understand it — They should have made it clearer i guess. Apparently some people were under the impression that the class representatives would have some kind of larger role, yet their sole purpose was to collate the mass number of questions into the 3 that would be given to Bioware for answering… and nothing more! It doesn’t take a genius to see how this have now turned into a shit storm on the forums…. First DevPost by Courtney Woods Hey everyone, I think the expectations for the Class Representative program kind of got lost along the way this week. While I totally understand and expect that there will be a multitude of opinions towards the responses we post, I do want to reiterate what we originally posted when we started this program: “Our number one goal is to get your…

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