Galactic Living

Galactic Living Ep3 Livestream Q&A Notes

BioWare had another livestream yesterday, showing of gameupdate 2.9. This time Eric Musco and Courtney Woods showed how decorating will work. You can check it out below, but if you are more a reading type of person, Dulfy have put together the Q&A notes. These are readable below the video. Tomorrow the team will do a First Look Preview on Customizing a Dromund Kaas Skyrise Apartment with SWTOR Fansite OotiniCast. Q&A Rooms already exist inside a house but you cannot access them unless you unlock them first by interacting with the door of a specific room and pay the unlocking cost. Stronghold items that give you buffs? No items like that. Strongholds do give you rested XP. Fleet chat in strongholds or riot? Our current decision is still planetary chat. Can you become Kephess? Yes All strongholds have massive hooks to fit in ships. Some of them have roofs that…

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