Game Update 2.1: Customization

Game Update 2.1: Customization – 5/14/2013

As mentioned a few times lately BioWare are taking the servers down today to patch the servers with game update 2.1  Below are that patch notes: Highlights New Feature! The new Appearance Designer by AestheTech has been added to Dromund Kaas, Coruscant, and the Republic and Imperial Fleets. This kiosk will allow players to modify any feature of their physical appearance, except gender, including taking on a whole new Species. Players can also use the kiosk to access and unlock brand new character customization options. Subscribers get a substantial discount on all Appearance Designer changes. New Feature! Dye Modules are now available via Artifice Crafting, some vendors, and the Cartel Market. They function similar to other item modifications. More details under Items and Economy. New Feature! Collections provides a one-stop interface which is accessible from the Inventory Window or Cartel Market and tracks many items available from the Cartel Market, Packs (Cartel and…

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