gameupdate 2.3

Latest 2.3PTS Datamining

We love to bring you data mine info because it’s fun and interesting to speculate about what might make it into the game. As always, remember that this might contains spoilers, this is not official SWTOR news and we don’t actually know if any of this info will end up live in the game. With that said, let’s check it out! Here is some new info about 2.3 PTS data mined files a well as some corrections: Well it’s that time again. Going through the files I found artwork for new companion customizations for Qyzen, Skadge, Sgt. Rusk, Gault, Xalek, Ashara, and Yuun. Can’t really show them to you, as I haven’t had time to play around with character/npc models. They don’t have associated item entries, so they’re probably a little ways out. Apparently these went live with 2.2.2, and were body skins for existing customizations. Yay, for small fixes! Treek…

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