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The Guild Sphere: Valor

Sorry for the lack of guild interviews the last few month. But today we are back with a new interview, this time with the republic guild Valor is a RP/PVP guild active on the Ajunta Pall server. Currently the guild is looking for non 50’s who are looking to level up and do some PVP with them. They are a friendly and mature guild looking for members to fill out our roster and have some fun with. They offer Ventrilo and Forums as well as RP sessions, a well organized group and once we hit 20 regular members they will start doing podcasts! If you’re interested please go to the forums and post an application in the apps thread. Checfk out the interview below: Where did your guilds name come from? We actually wanted to call it Omen from a guild I’d been in back in World of Warcraft,…

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