Hammer Station

Flashpoint Guide: Hammer Station

The second Flashpoint to open up in Star Wars: The Old Republic is Hammer Station. You only have to be a level 15 to go through this Flashpoint and for the most part, it’s rather easy. You’ll encounter 3 bosses with the last one being the most challenging. The main thing that you need to know before getting started is that you will face lots of droids. For this reason, you must have someone on your team that can CC droids are you’ll run into a lot of problems. When you first begin your mission, you have the option of going into the room at the end of the first long hallway you come to, if a member of your team has Bioanalysis. Otherwise, it would be pointless to go here because you’ll need to use Bioanalysis on the barrels to acquire the Detoxifying Fiber. If you do acquire this…

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