HK-51 new companion

Community Developer Blog: HK-51 Classified Intel

James B. Jones stopped by the community developer blog for an update on HK-51. Co-author of the Star Wars™ : The Old Republic Encyclopedia, Jones knows a lot about SWTOR. He shared some exciting classified intel about the new HK-51 companion character in Game Update 1.5! Here’s a snippet from the blog: Though the HK-51 model is outfitted with all the features of his predecessors, several upgrades are also included in the package. Practical use suggested that overly-ambitious engineers may have programmed previous HK models to be a little too bloodthirsty. Make no mistake—the HK-51 model still relishes violence in all its forms, but efficiency is now its guiding directive rather than brutality. Field tests have proven that the HK-51 model is far more reliable and effective in combat due to these upgrades. Despite the emphasis on efficiency, HK-51’s primary directive is still to eliminate his target at any cost….

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