Jedi Consular Sage

SWTOR Jedi Consular Sage Leveling Build For Game update 2.0 and on

Here is a new leveling build from This build is a Jedi Consular Sage Leveling Build and focus on talents and abilities with potential for burst and utility and/or talents that augment Focus preservation to limit downtime. These talent builds are designed to boost instant and channeled abilities. Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic Check out the build below: 2/2 Jedi Resistance 2/2 Will of the Jedi 3/3 Empowered Throw 2/2 Focused Insight 3/3 Drain Thoughts 2/2 Critical Kinesis 1/1 Force In Balance 2/2 Mind Ward 1/1 Telekinetic Balance 1/1 Presence Of Mind 3/3 Psychic Barrier 1/1 Force Suppression 2/2 Mind Warp 2/2 Rippling Force 3/3 Mental Scarring 2/2 Psychic Absorption 2/2 Telekinetic Focal Point 1/2 Mental Defence 1/1 Sever Force 3/3 Inner Strength 2/2 Mental Longevity 2/2 Clamouring Force 3/3 Penetrating Light Stat Priority: Willpower >= Accuracy (110%) > Power > Surge…

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